A Lovely Toast with a Side of FrUK
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Hope this graces your breakfast table in the morning while you read and/or re-read a lovely FrUK fic from lost_hitsu

/is in plugger mode tonight *plug, plug* XD/

You Say Po-TA-toe, I Say Po-TEY-toe~
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This is a real comfort food for me. When I feel down, hormonal, or seasonally depressed (that usually kicks in around autumn or near Christmas); I get into this cooking frenzy. It's a Zen moment where it's socially-acceptable to cry while chopping onions or derive great pleasure in tenderizing tough meat with your own fists. :D

NOTE: Improved photo will be reposted in my blog. /is scared to mess with LJ-cutting/

When thou has finished thy task.... Come to me my hand for LEMONADE
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After you have read lost_hitsu's The Garden, you might be getting thirsty for a tall glass of lemonade. XDDD What you're seeing in that picture doesn't have mint leaves; but it doesn't mean it isn't a darn good lemonade! XDD

Modern day convenience enables us to fix ourselves any drink without second guessing the proportion of fruit juice to sugar and water. It does make life easier, but it doesn't make us any healthier.
Although I could always go to a convenience store for a pack of drink mix or a bottle of something-something, I would naturally prefer actual freshly-squeezed lemonade!
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No-Cook Choco-Nut Truffles
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Truffles are made from ganache and you roll it into balls and coat it in cocoa powder to resemble those darn expensive 'shrooms.  It's actually a really easy thing to make except the French have this habit of making simple things really unnecessarily complicated. I'm sure you have come across a luxury patisserie or confectionery store that has different sorts of truffles (and they most like prolly look the same) 


So you know what, I'm not pretentious with my truffles. This is one of those things I make for Valentines' Day or Christmas and I give them to friends who I know won't mind the sugar and the calories XDDDD. I also make a sort of Aztec Truffles to give as a prank gift to people I don't like that much (y'know, cuz you could stuff that particular truffle with all sorts of dried chili peppers)

I'll post the recipe for making those truffles that you actually cook; but after the storm passes my country (it's mighty cloudy and rainy in my place right not ;_; and I can't take pictures).

First in a Post of Flour-less Desserts
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Reading from lost_hitsu's post, "Bye Bye Bread", I was inspired to broaden my cooking horizons to think about making desserts that do not have flour or are gluten-free. All I could think of is this dessert.

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森ガール Intro
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NAME: Juchin
AGE: 19 
LOCATION: Manila, Philippines

What you like about Mori-girl or Natural-kei Style:

I recently stumbled upon the Mori style while I was thinking of a topic for my report in Nihongo class. I am attracted to the environment-friendly aspect of this subculture and as I learn more about it, I am enticed to give it a try.  By giving emphasis on natural materials and handmade goods, Mori girl can be a way of reducing one's carbon footprint while having a sense of style :)

Favorite brands: None. I'm not into brands and I'm more of a DIY-type of person. So... handmade and thrift stores for me.

3 Favorite Mori/Natural pictures:
My favorite bike route back in my Dad's hometown

Another one of the photos I took while biking around my Dad's hometown. The ground's sandy because of the ash fall that hit the town back when a big volcano erupted in the 90's.

From fur fur's 2010 Spring/Summer collection by designer Huruhashi Aya. (Picture source: www.fashion-press.net)

One or more Pictures of You:

Okay... hmmm.... This for a class project (a music video) involving that green box right there. Utada Hikaru's First Love :) And yes... I look like I could belong in a CSI crime scene XDDDD

Short intro about you:

Hello, mori girls! I'm Juchin and I'm a college student majoring in Japanese Studies. :) I mostly lurk in LJ and other communities and this is actually my first post in anywhere other than my own LJ (yey~). I'm also fascinated with period costumes and lolita and I find mori girl very interesting. I'm in the process of mori-girling my stuff; so good luck to me~ (>//V//<)V

It's so nice to meet you all and I hope you take care of me from now on :) 

Anything else?

I'll be posting my mori girl finds soon, so please look forward to it~ <3
Also, a question to the mods: can we post food here?
Last: I seriously need help with the fake cut thing.... please help this technologically-challenged woodland noob (^///A///^)
Your help will be very appreciated <3

Ciao~ :)


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Catching up with my good friend Mr. bigmuffin, I realized I haven't posted anything in a long time since that depressing rant I had eons ago about the flood ruining my fan art.

Good news is, the fan art survived. It's safe, dry, and nicely compiled in my plastic envelope of artworks. I did a video for my Japanese class and my friend took shots of my works, so I could show my drawings here. I haven't posted them in the main LJ community for the anime nor in deviant art cuz I haven't scanned and cleaned my art.

Actually, it's also because I don't have and I don't know how to Photoshop DDDDX

so yeah, here's a sneak peek of my work:

An original work made before the yaoi Hetalia fan art. Memoirs of a Geisha-inspired
A friend gave me a sketchpad for my 17th birthday and this one was my first drawing in it. I watched Memoirs of a Geisha on HBO and was inspired to draw this. I haven't colored this until now because when I was drawing the details on the fabric, I didn't really have any color in mind. So, coloring is free for interpretation XD

As you can see, the shots didn't show the complete drawings. But I hope it gives you a good idea of how I draw. so, yeah... This one is my second drawing in the sketchpad. Technically, it's the third because my guy friend drew on the second page of my pad. It's a fan art of Hetalia with the characters Poland and Lithuania. Their outfits came from a Korean fashion magazine. After finishing the kimono art, I was practicing on how I could improve my art style. The best way I thought was to use fashion magazines as reference, instead of studying anime drawings.

This is the only artwork shot in full. It's also a fan art from Hetalia. This is Russia. I also used a Korean magazine for reference in this one. In the magazine, the model was a girl doing an editorial for androgynous French fashion. So, the backdrop's probably French architecture.

Lo and behold! this is the fan art I bawled over and thought was washed away during the flood. You couldn't see the details from the picture, but you get the point (I hope). For the details of the reference, refer to my previous post XD

So! You've seen my artwork. 

Last time, I was raving about how I survived my school term just stuffing myself with Flaming Wings. Since then my majors started to become more demanding of my time that I couldn't afford to wait for a seat to open in the very busy food joint. So, for chilling and continuing the research work, my thesis mate and friends hang out in this recently-opened Korean coffee shop near our school.

Folks, here's

Korea isn't just a land of pop stars, fashion, electronics, and kimchi. It's proving to be an emerging authority in the department of "kawaii", which was usually dominated by Japan. Noriter translates to "playground"in Korean.

I'm not the first to blog, rave and whatnot about the cafe. The people who hang out in that particular branch in Taft avenue are mostly:

1. couples looking for a slightly secluded public place to do whatever our schools are not permitting them to do,
2. college girls from an exclusive Catholic school looking for a cozy place to vandalize and gamble in,
3. Koreans (of course),
4. curious students,
5. students with money to burn on over-priced bread and coffee,
6. people who go to Nori (as it is lovingly called by my friends) because they're sick of the snobby atmosphere of Starbucks (which, by the way has two branches in front and a few block's walk beside our university),
7. artsy fartsy, hipster people because they believe Nori=indie
8. otakus and gamers (Surprised? I'm not)
and since these folks most likely have laptops (Macs and high-powered models being the laptops of choice for customers 7 and 8); you can be sure that if you google Noriter, most of the results will show satisfied customers and lurkers (mostly from the Philippines, like coffee shops equate to fine-dining restaurants) blogging about how much the place is as quoted, "made of awesome".

Of course, I'm not offering a detailed taxonomy of what sort of customers Nori is home to in its daily operation--it's the management's job. From its interesting demographic of customers, you would wonder what makes them come to this place. I'm there almost everyday and I also wonder why.

These are my own photos. I stopped to fetch my friends here for the birthday lunch, so I did not really stay long to take pictures. These are the best I managed to take. Unlike the flurry of Nori fans who took nice photos, I'm not claiming to be a photographer. Well, taking advantage of that part of them as well, the rest of the photos will come from them. (more specifically, images will come from Google.

That photo up there, according to Google, came from digitalglomp.blogspot.com nice folks, nice pictures

This one up here's from flickr.com

ugh, since I'm no plagiarizer, my conscience couldn't take taking anymore photos (however tempting) from good 'ol Goog.

I'll post another journal with more of my own Noriter photos. In the meantime, here's what Nori is as a sneak peek.

My good friend (probably, my only LJ friend that actually replies to me) Mr. bigmuffin had asked me in a private message about what sort of music I listen to nowadays. I did answer him there. But for anyone who'd care, here's some of them:

image courtesy of Google

Pizzicato Five: pioneers of Shibuya-kei. There's a similarity with a certain group whose name is commonly bought in drugstores (oh bigmuffin, you WOULD know XD)

Recommended track/s: Sweet Soul Revue for a trip down memory lane and an interesting cover of Girl From Ipanema (my favorite!) Nonstop to Tokyo (from Ca et la Dun Japon if I remember it right) is also good, as well as Watashi no Koto (or All About Me from their album Made in the U.S.A.).

Now, I'm not sure if they're just a duo or there are more of them because the Album covers and publicity photos vary from duo shots and pics with the two of them plus other peeps.

image from Google

Up there is the group, Fishmans. Recommended track: Melody. The music is groovy, trippy, and soothing. I looked at some of their tracks way back in the 90's and they had some reggea songs if you're into that genre.

image from Google

image from tokyoska.net

Skapara, as their Japanese fans call them. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra is a big group in every way. They have been around for a long time and have done European and U.S. tours. They have also collaborated with Puffy Amiyumi a lot and was commissioned by Cartoon Network to make a song for Teen Titans (again in collaboration with Puffy).

If you're not into ska, that's ok, don't look for them in youtube. Recommended track/s: their cover of Lupin III's 1987 theme and the Love theme from The Godfather

image from katteni-shiyagare.com (official website of the band)

By now you may have observed that my latest fetish is men carrying around brass instruments; you're probably right. Summer is a nice time to listen to jazzy, latin-y music. It's warm, it's humid, and it needs to have some brass playing in the background (it can be the energetic up-notes from a trumpet in a ska interlude or a cool exhibition from an alto sax).

Recommended track: Vermouth Flowers performed by the band featuring Yoshie Nakano from another great jazz band Ego Wrappin' (best played at night)

Ooh, my entry's getting long. So, I'll end here. Next post will be more Noriter photos from my very own camera!
See you around!

Let Me Mourn The Death of my Brainchild
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Last weekend, this huge-ass flood ransacked Philippines. Even Metro Manila was not safe. Even MY house was not safe. Half my house sank in the flood, we had to lift the fridge--everything just so nothing gets wet.

It went down by the next day (which was Sunday). And all was good.

Until I found out about what happened to my other friend. The whole first floor of their house was underwater. Her room was in the first floor and the flood started there. She stayed on the roof all weekend ( or so I've heard from a mutual friend). At first, I wasn't majorly affected until it dawned on me that I gave her my artwork for coloring.


All her stuff--her best artworks, computer, prized art materials--sank in the flood

Yes. Even my precious brainchild illlllOTL

I'm sad as hell right now, I don't even know what to do next.

Be continuing this blog later...

I need some time to mourn

outdreamt and primorsky...i can't thank you enough... i should also apologize for all the wank i caused you guys (most especially to outdreamt)

bigmuffin... you may wish for rain in your place... but too much rain isn't healthy.

To those wondering why the hell i'm so depressed over an artwork, i'll tell you this:

I'm finicky with details.. i spent almost 2 days just to perfect the details on the hair or the face--that's how much i pour myself into every artwork i produce. After all, you'll never know how painful it is to lose something precious until you lose that thing yourself.

The reference art was a tricky one, too. In case you wanna see, here it is:

Cover art for Asia Watanabe&apos;s Fistman
This is the cover art for Fistman by Asia Watanabe

What I made out of this reference was a Hetalia fan art featuring 




It's hard to accept that almost 2 month's work was wasted >/////A/////<

I'll wear black to school when classes resume DX

Writer's Block: Worrisome
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What is your biggest worry right now?
Its the finals week in my university right now. So, it's natural that my biggest worry is to fail my exams or get not so desirable grades from my professors. Right now, I'm cramming for this religion test. Ugh. I consider it an insult to my intelligence if I don't pass that freakin subject. Stupid Catholic school system DX<

I don't think I will get into Dean's List this term. UGH. Catholcism, I HATE YOU.

Writer's Block: 5//7//5
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Sum up your day in the form of a haiku.
Hetalia Day:
Went with Russia to
SDA--PASTA~~~!!!! XD

I think this will only make sense to the fans of the anime XD
My friend from my Philosophy class roleplays as Russia in our chatroom, so I refered to her as Russia in the haiku X3

[The building on the left is not part of SDA... The glass building on the right IS SDA XD]

[I took this for my photography class. This is what the halls in SDA look like. I love going here (even though I'm not a student in this school) because I love the atmosphere and it's so clean and bright. A lot of cosplaying students do their photoshoot in SDA]

[The walls of the classrooms have speech bubbles XD]

[This is taken from the lobby. I was waiting for the elevator and I got bored and took some pictures XD]

[This is my friend who agreed to be my subject for my photography portfolio.]

*I took all the photos you see here X3

SDA is the School of Design and Arts. Our university is one of the top three universities in the Philippines, but we in the main branch don't offer arts and diplomatic courses. So, we have a sister school that specializes in it. SDA is just one of the buildings of the sister school. The artsy-fartsy people are all in there. My Hetalia friends study in that building XD

I spent all 7 hours of my break in SDA. Today was my first time meeting the Hetalia fans from SDA and they're all great! They're all awesome artists, too. So, I was in awe when we traded sketchpads T_T

I'm not fit to be in the presence of masters T_T

After lunch, we went into art mode and just spent the first half of the afternoon drawing and finishing our fan arts. Also after lunch, Russia had to go back to our school for her Chemistry class.

The second half of the afternoon was for our photoshoot in SDA's gigantic green room <3

I had a great time ^V^
I wish there's another photoshoot, I'll cosplay as France in maid uniform... or Seychelles XD


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